The STARK Group was founded in January 1962 and started with a production of tooling, which at the time was mainly aimed at satisfying local customers. Today the business has become an Industrial Group led by STARK S.p.A. in Trivignano Udinese (Italy). The Group is present on all markets in the world and has achieved a leadership position thanks to its organization and seriousness, with the quality and reliability of its products.

To better respond to the demands of the German market, in 1976 the first European subsidiary was founded ‘STARK GmbH’ in Oberkochen (Germany) in the region of Baden-Württemberg, while in 1999 STARK DO BRASIL was established and in 2008 was founded the new production site STARK TOOLS CO, LTD Suzhou (China).

The STARK Group is the market leader in its sector and is known all over the world through a consolidated and widespread sales network. The entire production complex is characterized by three specific sectors: wood working tools, circular saws for cutting metal and circular knives for cutting paper, cardboard and plastic materials. Although the three units are distinct, they all draw from the R&D, thus exploiting the combined synergies. A well-equipped laboratory for metallographic tests and plants specially designed for the surface hardening of metals, confirm the avant-garde production that is able to provide support to customers operating in sectors other than tools.


Our Advantages


Constant dedication on research and development of new products and technologies allows STARK S.p.A. to transform ambitious requests into effective and quality solutions.
Investment in research and development, continuous focus on market requirements and capacity for innovation are the essential elements that allow STARK S.p.A. to distinguish itself in the industry by always offering tools with high standards of innovation, quality and safety.


Since its beginnings, STARK S.p.A. has set itself the goal of producing high quality products thanks to its constant efforts on research and development, the adoption of technologically advanced production systems and constantly controlled production processes.
With this in mind, STARK S.p.A. was one of the first companies in the sector to obtain ISO 9001 quality management certification, which guarantees our customers an efficient customer care service.


STARK S.p.A. is always on the lookout for new, cutting-edge technology in order to offer innovative, high-quality solutions to its customers.
Our specialised technicians guarantee the reliability of our production facilities, and our collaboration with world-class partners enables us to develop technologically advanced production solutions that improve the quality of our tools and shorten production times in total safety for our operators.


STARK Tools (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was invested and established by Italian STARK Group in 2008, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of STARK SPA. The company is located in Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou City, with a total investment of 3.14 million euros. At present, the company has 8 sets of fully automatic grinding machines imported from Italy and 4 sets of CNC toothing machine, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 pieces. It is the largest saw blade production base of STARK SPA in China and the whole Asia region.
As a specialist in the field of HSS saw blades, STARK understands the importance of quality and performance for its customers. The company follows the same production process and technology in Europe to ensure that each saw blade has excellent cutting performance and stability. Currently, the products are widely used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, construction and metal processing.

Grinding Machine

The company has 8 sets of fully automatic grinding machines imported from Italy, which can meet the processing needs of different sizes. The taper of the products is accurate and stable, the minimum processing diameter of the products is 175mm, and the maximum can reach 560mm. Thanks to the Siemens high performance control system and Stark's 60 years of professional experience, today, our grinding machine
not only achieve a constant output, but also guarantee precise control over the quality of the products, especially the thickness and taper.


The company invested 10 million in 2018 to import PLATIT coating equipment from Switzerland, and is currently the sole saw blade manufacturer in the industry with the world's top coating technology. The full-process coating process jointly developed by the Italian Stark head office and the PLATIT effectively reduces the coefficient of friction while improving the surface hardness of different materials, and achieves a scientific ratio of cutting speed and feed speed.

Coating Laboratory

A well-equipped metallographic testing laboratory ensures the stability of coating quality while guaranteeing STARK's ability to keep up with the times.
Advanced metallographic analysis equipment is used to observe product sections and to analyse the microstructure, grain size, phase content and other information. Metallographic inspection provides a quick and accurate understanding of the structure, composition and properties of the material, providing material parameter assessment and solutions to quality problems.

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